Thursday Thirteen #11 – Blog Pet Peeves

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13 Blog Pet Peeves

1. Requiring registration to comment on your blog. I don’t want to register with EVERY blog site just so I can comment on your blog. If you want comments, change your settings or go with a different site that allows you to change them.

2. Illegible text. What does that say? Exactly. It says illegible text. Don’t put light colours on light backgrounds or dark colours on dark backgrounds. If I can’t read it, I won’t.

3. So much stuff on your side bar/blog that it takes over 3 minutes to load. I just don’t have the time nor the patience. Trim it down please!

4. No Content. If it’s boring, don’t expect people to come back. I don’t claim to be some wonderful writer but at least offer SOMETHING of value!

5. Contests/Giveaways and links to them that don’t specify country. I hate going through the motions to enter something only to find out 5 minutes later that it’s for US residents only.

6. Excessive use of swear words. Once in a while is one thing (although I prefer none, or just little ones like darn,) but every 5th word is another. I just won’t bother reading your post.

7. Sudden absence. I hate coming across a blog that has tons of posts I like only to realize that the last post was 8 months ago. Or worse, 3 years. Grrr.

8. Entering secret codes to post comments. Especially when they aren’t readable! Spybots can’t read them at all right? So why do they have to be so hard to see?

9. Music that autoplays. For one thing it makes it load SLOWLY. (see #3) Also, who said I wanted to listen to music? Maybe my baby is sleeping in my arms while I surf and you woke her up!

10. Gross stories with TMI that don’t have a warning. I don’t mind gross stories and often even like to read them, just give us a warning so we can finish eating first.

11. An excess of religion. It’s your blog. It’s your religion so of course you are entitled to mention what you follow or quote scripture but PLEASE don’t OVERDO it. I’m NOT your religion and I don’t like feeling like it’s being shoved down my throat with a reference to it EVERY post and EVERY other line. I’ve left many a good blog off my blogroll because I couldn’t get over the feeling of drowning in a religion not my own.

12. Blogrolls with EVERY blog you’ve ever visited on it. It’s supposed to be your FAVOURITES! I visit way more blogs than are on my blogroll (and I try to comment so you know I’ve been there.) Also not updating them. I’ve found many blogs through blogrolls that haven’t been updated in 3 years. (see #7) You obviously don’t visit your blogroll very often.

13. Discrimination of ANY kind. Luckily I don’t come across that very often in the blogosphere.

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