Friday Fill-in

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This week there is a married one and a food one for those who aren’t married/engaged but I wanted to do both!

1. I met him/her _online through a yahoo group I started_.
2. We dated _for only 6 1/2 months_ before we got engaged_.
3. I knew he/she was the one _almost right away, I just felt it_.
4. The thing I like best about him/her _is that he loves me for who I am_.
5. When he/she proposed _it was Valentine’s Day and he wrote a poem_.
6. The song we had/want at our wedding _The Broken Road by ??_.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to _relaxing_, tomorrow my plans include _Niece’s birthday party and Rosh Hashanah Dinner_ and Sunday, I want to _Visit my parents_!

1. Chips or chocolate? _chocolate__.
2. Pickles on your hamburger? _no, on the side__
3. Baked potato: with everything or _cheese, bacon and sourcream_.
4. The perfect meal _poutine, is that a meal?_.
5. Martinis, wine, beer or _none of the above yech!_.
6. Your favorite pirate is (technically not food, but still yummy)_Jack Sparrow (if he was all cleaned up)_.

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