WFMW: No-fuss Bathtime

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It works for me!

The Cuteness is 20 months old and LOVES the bath! However she doesn’t like having her head rinsed or getting out of the tub. Here is how we do bath time.

  • While I fill up the tub she adds the toys she wants to play with.
  • I let her play first (this is for health reasons mostly, girls shouldn’t sit in soapy water.)
  • I soap up her head and then tell her it’s time to rinse her head and then she can help wash her body. I lean her back and rinse her hair while reassuring her it will be over soon and I won’t let her go.
  • As promised, we both soap up her body together. She loves this part. Sometimes we sing “This is the way we wash our (body part)”
  • We rinse her and then I tell her she can play a little longer but bath time will be done very soon.
  • I warn her again that it’s almost time to get out of the tub when it’s one minute to go. Meanwhile I get a towel ready so she sees it time to get out.
  • Then I announce it’s time to get out and she stands up with my help. I lift her out and dry her off. She says goodbye to the bathtub. If your child isn’t scared, you can also drain the tub with her there but if she’s scared, do it once she’s out of the room.
  • Pick her up and look at yourselves in the bathroom mirror. My daughter gets a kick out of seeing herself naked and clean with wet hair.
  • We leave the bathroom. If I try to dress my daughter right away she throws a fit so we just put a diaper on her and dress her fully in another 5 or so minutes. (Unless it’s really cold in the house.) Occasionally we let her run a few minutes in the buff as she thinks that’s hilarious and it’s good to air dry certain areas.

This won’t work for everyone but it’s what works for us right now.

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