Thursday Thirteen #10 – Commercials

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My 13 Favourite Commercials (current ones)

1. The phone commercial where the son and father talk backwards: “You can tell me what to do. I raised you to talk to me like that.” It’s hilarious.

2. Dairy Queen – girl pretends she has an invisible friend so she can get her parents to throw a party for the friend and she can eat a Dairy Queen cake.

3. It’s for Cogeco or Rogers, not sure but the grandfather is trying to get his sons attention and can’t. The daughter in law says he’s Televisiophoneanetting. Using the television, phone and internet all at once.

4. Hidden Valley Ranch – all the kids love to eat their vegetables and eat them like their cookies.

5. Malibu alcohol ones where the Jamaicans act like Americans. Talking about how his phone has an address book but it’s really an address book stuck to the back of his huge cellphone. They are in a hurry and whatnot.

6. All the What Now? commercials. eg. A guy is in his car doing last minute preening with his car door open before picking up his date. A truck blares past ripping the open door off the car. Then it flashes, Now What?

7. Subway’s fresh moment with the umpire saying how he took off points for no good reason.

8. Lotto 649 Happy Dance. They are so funny looking.

9. Telus – talk your gills off. The purple fish just keeps “talking” and all the other fish are like OMG stop talking all ready!

10. Canadian Tire – the one where the shopping car barely taps a car and the whole thing falls apart. Then a sign for rust-proofing swings down and they advertise products.

11. Power Washer (also Canadian Tire I think) where the guy is power washing his house then sees a bird poop on his (expensive) car so he turns the power washer onto his car and ends up power washing the paint right off.

12. Meijer – new shoes where all the high school students are walking around and their shoes are squeaking. It’s funny because it really sounds like that for the first week of school.

13. Rogers phone – your 5. The guy is packing and the friends are looking at his five. They ask who Ellen is and he says a girl. They get all excited till it’s revealed that Ellen is his mom.

Happy Thursday!

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