Thursday Thirteen #5 – 13 Childhood Memories

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13 Childhood Memories

1. November 11, 1988 – the day I was run over by a school bus. Yep, you read that correctly. I ran to catch the bus and slipped on the ice and went underneath the bus. The back wheels went over me, crushed my pelvic bone and ruptured my spleen.

2. Playing water games in the backyard with my friend Katherine at age 5. Haven’t seen her since, don’t know her last name either :(

3. Dad taking us to the Peace Fountain at the Detroit River. We went at least once a summer.

4. Age 12 – the day I got my very first period. Embarrassing. Enough Said.

5. Grade 6 – the hairdresser cut my hair too short and I was embarrassed about it. I walked around school with my coat on so I could hide the length of my hair.

6. Tenting in the backyard with my friends. Sleepovers were so much fun!

7. Speaking of sleepovers, the one at my best friend’s house when we were trying to do a seance and just as we asked for a sign that someone was with us, the friend’s grandfather dropped his keys onto a table and scared everyone!

8. A red-haired babysitter. Unless I was dreaming. That’s all I remember about her.

9. Sometime between Grade 6-8 when we had so much rain the street flooded and I had a friend over and we ran through the water (a foot high)

10. Finding out I was Lactose Intolerant. Screaming in pain at a friend’s house after having ice cream and then the test. (You ingest their lactose potion and then wait and then breathe into something.)

11. Watching Cartoons! Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, My Little Pony and more.

12. Playing Boogieman with my brother. We’d be in the bed with the covers over us and then pretend the boogieman was pulling us into the bed and we’d be sucked under the covers.

13. My bedroom being redone just the way I wanted it… and them moving out 6 months later.

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