Thursday Thirteen #4

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Happy 100th Thursday Thirteen Week!
Most people are featuring their 13 fav posts but since I haven’t even done TT 13 times and haven’t read that many ones from others to have a favourites list so I’ll be doing my 13 obsessions/addictions.

My 13 Obsessions/Addictions
(none of which are cigarettes, alcohol or drugs!)

1. Poutines. I LOVE them. I will spend every last cent I own, even if I owe others money just to get one.
2. Chocolate Bars. If I have money and pass a store or someone offers to go, I get chocolate. If it’s in front of me, I HAVE to eat it. I can’t save chocolate for later or the next day.
3. Charmed. The TV show. I am so sad it no longer runs but I have 5 seasons so far and as soon as I get a new season, I watch it within a week’s time and then fret until I get the next one. Don’t know what I’m going to do when there are no more to get.
4. Blogging. Can’t Stop Blogging. Can’t Stop Reading Blogs. Need Help.
5. Sheets on Beds. I can’t sleep on a mattress without the sheet. There HAS to be a sheet down.
6. TP on the holder. I don’t care which way it rolls off but it MUST be on the holder. Not just standing alone on the bathtub edge or window ledge.
7. Planning. I can’t stand not knowing what’s going to happen, when and in what order. Running errands isn’t enough info for me. I need to know exactly what places and in what order we are going to them.
8. Putting things back. If you take the ketchup off the fridge door, put it back in the fridge door. Not the shelf in the fridge and certainly not left on the counter. Why can’t people just put it back where they found it?????
9. Closed/Open. If the door was closed before you opened it, re close it. If it was open, leave it open!
10. Emptying Car/Trunk. You load stuff in, go somewhere and then come back home. All the stuff you loaded in needs to come in the house. Just because you won’t need the stroller right away, doesn’t mean it can be left in the car. Take it out!
11. Star Trek. I can’t get enough of Star Trek either. Voyager first, then TNG, then Enterprise. I don’t care about DS9 and the original. I watch the reruns over and over and over and over and over…..
12. Watching ONE show. Speaking of TV, I hate channel flippers. Pick a show and WATCH it. Sometimes I’ll flip to another show during commercials but I always watch the one shows completely.
13. Peanut Butter and Brown Sugar Sandwiches. Especially when pregnant.

Yep I’m neurotic.

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