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The Saturday Special is all about dreaming this week:

1. My dream house is?:

Large enough that everyone can have their own room and there are enough other rooms to allow for people to be alone if need be, but not too big that people get lost in it and can’t find each other. Beautiful gardens with fountains out front, a large wrought iron gate around the whole property and LOTS of animals. Perhaps next to a lake or a wooded area. I love the castle look of this house.

2. My dream car is?:

I don’t know much about cars but it would be a convertible of some kind and be red or white. Or perhaps white with flames on it.

3. My Dream Vacation is?:

To go to the countries where my ancestors come from: Israel (pictured left,) Russia and Poland. To spend enough time there to sight see or even just lay on a beach all day doing nothing. To go to museums to learn more about my history.

4. My dream life is?:

To live in my dream house with my family, have my dream car and go on my dream vacation. To be loved and to love and to not fight about petty things. To really cherish what life has to offer.

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