Why I Like Blogging

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My brother asked why I want to keep up blogging.

I’ve always like making webpages and a blog is much easier to keep up with than a website where I have to manually design each page and upload it. I love sharing my thoughts with others but when I do so, I really want to hear what THEY think of what I think. So if I get no readers or no comments, it’s really not that fun for me. I know many people blog for themselves and then are just pleasantly suprised when others read and respond. For me, I’m writing FOR others with the sincere hope they will read and respond.

I love hearing other’s opinions and when we discuss our opinions with others, we learn new things and teach others new things. Even if I don’t agree with you and may never change my thinking to match yours, I often still think of something I hadn’t before on my own which may help my own thinking.

So if anyone reads this blog, please comment! I want to hear what you have to think. Also please feel free to write on your blog about something I wrote about here! Just let me know so I can read it! I visit the blogs of everyone who comments.

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