Happy Independance Day

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Happy Independance day to all Americans. I hope you have a good holiday. I’m sure most Canadians don’t really think much about the holidays of the US but I do as I live in a border city. So most of my TV channels are American and I can see the states from my house.

It seems weird to me to live so close to another country. When you learn the countries in school it seems like another country is so far away. Then you learn that the US is a country too and it’s right next door. Perhaps if we had many countries near us like in Europe or Africa it would be different. However the US is the ONLY country next to us.

If I were to tell someone I’d been to another country, they would be thinking in another continent as well. But really, there are a lot of Canadians who have been to another Country, America. It’s not that big of a deal. MANY people in my city go to the states everyday to work or go shopping. It’s more like the next town than the next country. Is it similar for other countries that are neighbours? Do people in France and Spain cross the border often to work or shop? Or perhaps it’s only that way with countries that speak the same language. Those in the UK or Ireland, do they have a relationship similar to Canada and the US? I guess I’d have to ask someone who lives there.

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