Cleanliness is next to Godliness

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I’m not a clean freak. I do something to keep my house in okay order everyday but I wouldn’t say it’s clean. I have stuff I haven’t unpacked yet, dishes on the counter, laundry piled in the basement, books and papers all over the place and you can’t see the coffee table. If I spent all my time cleaning, I’d have no time for my daughter or fun. However there is a fine line between an “I’m enjoying life” cluttered home and the “Come in and get a disease” home.

Now Clutter comes as a part of this but it’s not my main focus. The people on TLC’s Clean Sweep are hoarders and don’t throw anything away so things pile up in their home. It definitely something that needs to be fixed as a clutter home is a cluttered life. But that’s not what I mean.

The show How Clean is Your House is like what I mean. They don’t show pictures of the house on the web but if you have ever seen any episodes, it’s absolutely disgusting! I saw one where the 13 cats they owned had pooped all over the whole house. Everywhere and they didn’t clean up after them. Another had dried crusty and smelly and moldy dishes all over the kitchen. Most of the people had a chronic illness of some kind caused by the dirt and mold. Toilets that are completely brown with guck.

I was just in a house recently that was gross. All the kids in the house were sick, if not from the house, it certainly wasn’t helping. The kitchen floor was mucky, there was rotten food on the counters and the garbage STUNK! The baby toys were filthy amd the floor looked like it hadn’t been washed in 6 months. How can you live like that? I know when I’m depressed I don’t feel like cleaning but I could NEVER let it get that way. Once when I was really depressed my house got pretty bad, but still it was nothing compared to these homes.

When my mom was little, she was a house cleaner and took me with her on some jobs. This one house was the worst. The owners were in wheelchairs but that is no excuse. They were fully capable of keeping the house in decent order. The kitchen was so bad I was almost sick. Dirty plates with crust, rotten food all over them cluttered the WHOLE counter and table. The fridge had a few rotten pieces of food in it that looked like they had been bought 3 years ago. The laundry in the bedrooms was piled halfway up the wall so you had to walk ON the laundry to get to the bed. The laundry stunk so bad like someone had wet themselves in most of it. Get this, the dining room was spotless. Figure that one out.

I seriously don’t get how anyone could live like this. So much bacteria can build in a mess like these people have and they could get really sick and pass it on to the rest of us. Their lives would be SO much better if they kept it clean.

There was a study with twins showing that messy houses lead to messy minds.

See Cleanliness is Next to Godliness from a Hare Krishna perspective. Not all links work.

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