Thursday Thirteen #2

This time I’m going to list my 13 favourite foods in order starting with most favourite. 1. Poutine’s! I’m picky how they are made but I could eat one everyday!2. Chocolate! Milk Chocolate preffered, White Chocolate okay, Dark Chocolate Gross!3. Salt and Vinegar Chips. Lays are the best.4. French Fries – if not in a… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen

See other particpants here. Thirteen Things I’ve Considered Doing With My Life: 1. Being a Teacher. I love teaching others.2. Being a Psychologist. I love helping others.3. Running a successful website that many others go to.4. Being a published author.5. Having lots of kids and raising them.6. Being a Web Designer. Designing websites for other… Read More »