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Yard Sale Safety–Buying Used

It’s yard sale season (and Garage Sale Day) which means time to walk, bike or drive around looking for yard and garage sales and buying used items from your neighbourhood. Yard sales can be fun, finding treasures in another person’s trash (okay not literally their TRASH but you know what I mean.) Yard Sale Safety… Read More »

DIY Sandal Decoration with Water Balloons

Try this fun DIY sandal decoration activity that my 9 year old daughter did! The sandal above is not quite finished. This is a quick but fun activity that is perfect for kids ages 6+. It gives your store bought sandals a fun and colourful look that just screams Summer! You can do this activity… Read More »

Get This Intense Look with Covergirl #PGmom

Looking for an intense eye makeup look? Try pairing Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara with Intensify Me! Liquid Liner to achieve a look like this. I got a friend to try out the makeup and show you what she was able to do with it and the results are stunning! Try using Olay’s Total Effects night… Read More »

7 Lip Tips aka How to Pick the Right Lipstick Shade #PGmom

Do you know how to pick the right lipstick? There are so many colours to choose from. Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolour for example has 44 shades to choose from! How do you pick the right one for you? Check out the 7 tips below. Image Credit: Used With Permission from Raising My Boys Opposites Attract Match… Read More »

Create Products From Your Instagram Photos with InstaJunction #CRHGG14

Immortalize Your Instagram Photos Instajunction allows you to view your Instagram photos even when you’re not online by using them to create various projects from wall art to magnets to key rings. You can even make cufflinks! Connect your Instagram account to pick your recent images from Instagram or upload directly from your computer. You… Read More »

5 Tips to Teach Children About Money #CommonCentsDay

How do you know you have grown up? A big indicator is when you start worrying about money. When you consider money before spending or doing something, I think that means you’ve grown up. Once you have children of your own, you have to figure out how to teach children about money. 5 Tips to… Read More »

Tips for Sensitive Skin with Tide

I used to say my second child had sensitive skin because her skin would be red and blotchy all the time, just from touching her. In reality though, it was no big deal. It didn’t bother her and the red marks went away quickly. Baby #4 has Eczema and we are still trying to figure… Read More »

5 Morning Routine Tips

5 Morning Routine Tips These tips will work for anyone who has somewhere to be or a commitment at home to get ready for with a morning routine. Plan the Night Before Whether it’s setting out your outfit, making a lunch, writing a to-do list or laying out your keys, get as much done the… Read More »

Summer Beauty Essentials S.O.S. Kit

What products would you include in your summer beauty essentials kit? What are your must haves in the summer time? My summer beauty kit has products from Herbal Essences, Secret, Olay and Gillette. Summer Beauty Essentials Gillette Venus Sensitive Razor To keep those legs and underarms hair free you are going to need a good… Read More »

Datevitation Coupon Book

When I was a kid I used to make coupon books for my parents and brother as gifts for holidays, birthdays or other special events. I liked that it was personal and could include just the right things that would make my family happy. As an adult, I’ve seen stores try to market coupon books… Read More »