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There is Nowhere Febreze Can’t Go

Febreze has got your back no matter what your needs are. If you have a stinky area that you want to absorb some odors and give off a fresh scent, Febreze has got a product for you. Febreze isn’t just a spray bottle anymore. Febreze has 5 different collections and 7 different product types. Disclosure:… Read More »

Organic Slammers from Go Gourmet #CRHGG15

Organic Slammers from Go Gourmet are a yummy addition to any child’s school lunch but are yummy too so they can be thought of as a treat by your child, even though it’s very healthy! Disclosure: I received some Slammers for inclusion in the Holiday Gift Guide. I only feature products I would buy. Organic… Read More »

Throw Pillows From aka #CRHGG15 aka has some awesome Glamour Square 18-inch throw pillows that would be perfect for a tween, teen or young adult girl. I received the Hello Gorgeous Purple pillow to test and share my own opinion on. Here it is on my 9 year old daughter’s bed. She loves throw pillows and this one… Read More »

Li’l Oliver Olive Snack Cups

Disclosure: A member of my review team received some samples of the Li’l Oliver Snack Cups to test out and review with an honest option. Are you looking for another healthy snack your kids will love for their school lunches? Li’l Oliver Olive Snack Cups Sardo has come out with a product called Li’l Oliver.… Read More »

11 Recipes FREE of the Top 8 Allergens

For Food Allergy Awareness Week I wanted to provide a collection of recipes from around the blogosphere that are FREE of the top 8 allergens so you can provide a yummy dish to all your potlucks and dinners without worrying about anyone’s allergies. Top 8 Allergens? “A group of the eight major allergenic foods is… Read More »

A Simple Energy Use Audit #SaveOnEnergy

While you are honouring Earth Hour and celebrating Earth Day this spring, make plans to do a simple energy use audit of your home to see what you can do to make some changes. The time is now to make a difference and make sure the future will be a good one. Do what you… Read More »

10 Ways to Eat Your Mini-Wheats #TryItHot

How do you like your mini wheats? I came up with these 10 ideas for how to enjoy your Kellogg’s mini-wheats cereal with a little help from Kelloggs and my imagination. If you haven’t tried them with warm milk yet be sure to check out the first five ideas. 10 Ways to Eat Your Mini-Wheats… Read More »

Anis de Flavigny Candies #CRHGG14

The Anis de Flavigny candies are unlike any other candy I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. Each candy conceals a real anise seed. They are slowly coated in thin layers of sugar syrup over the course of two weeks! The Anis de Flavigny candies come in 7 different flavours: classic aniseed, lemon, orange blossom, mint,… Read More »

Making Mexican At Home with Old El Paso #MexicanChef

I love making my own Mexican food at home and Old El Paso’s new Restaurante kits help make a great tasting dish that is not the same old plain ground beef taco. I can be my own #MexicanChef this way! We must eat Mexican food at least twice a week. I think I could live… Read More »

Kelloggs Cereal and Snacks #KelloggCAInnovations

You can always count on Kellogg’s for great breakfast and snack foods. There are always Kellogg’s products in my house. This fall, Kellogg’s is introducing some new products and some updated versions of products you already know. Kelloggs Cereals Special K Protein Need a little extra protein in your diet? You won’t even notice the… Read More »