Homeschool Collaboration

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I’m Kathleen Bailey and if you received this link, I am interested in working with you or your company to spread the word about your homeschool related product and/or services in 2023.

In the email I sent you I outlined what I was looking for from you. Here is what you would get in exchange:

  1. A review of your product/service on this blog (curriculum, website, fiction book, workbook or anything not nonfiction.) or (nonfiction book)
  2. Social shares of that review to twitter, facebook and pinterest.
  3. Instagram post or reel showcasing your product or service.
  4. Instagram post shared to Facebook and Twitter
  5. Your product/service featured in at LEAST 1 YouTube Video on but probably more.
  6. Promotion of Youtube video to various Facebook groups
  7. IF we love it, mention of your product/service in Facebook groups every time a recommendation for something similar is asked for.
  8. Inclusion in my Holiday Gift Guide under the Homeschooling Section. This goes up starting November 1 and stays up to sometime in January.
  9. OPTIONAL – hosting a giveaway on the blog, Instagram or Youtube for the same resource. You would be required to fulfill the prize and it must be open to Canada but can be open to other places as well.

If you are interested in getting promotion as stated above, PLEASE email me back to discuss details such as what you will be providing and if you want to do a giveaway.

PS – when would the above happen? It depends on the product/service. If I can use it before reviewing that would be ideal but some things might be reviewed in general and then used at a later date, depending. We can discuss this.