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Super Why soars into a new kind of book!

GET A “TASTE” OF READING WITH SUPER WHY! Hip Hip Hooray!  Super WHY whips up a whole new reading-powered adventure when the Super Readers soar into the pages of a cookbook for the very first time!  Super WHY and the Cookbook will premiere January 29 on PBS stations from coast to coast (check local listings).… Read More »

Game Shows

What is it about game shows that I love so much? I think it’s the test of knowledge that most of them are about. My favourites are Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader and Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Power of Ten and Deal or No Deal a… Read More »

What I Believe: Children and TV

I believe that used in the correct quantities and with the correct shows, television can not only not fry your child’s brain but enhance their intelligence. I most certainly would never park my kid’s in front of the TV at all hours of the day or let them watch shows that aren’t age appropriate (with… Read More »

Thursday Thirteen #10 – Commercials

My 13 Favourite Commercials (current ones) 1. The phone commercial where the son and father talk backwards: “You can tell me what to do. I raised you to talk to me like that.” It’s hilarious. 2. Dairy Queen – girl pretends she has an invisible friend so she can get her parents to throw a… Read More »

What’s So Special About Anime?

Somebody, please Explain! I guess I can understand kids liking it but I don’t understand the large amount of adults who enjoy watching anime on TV and playing it in games. The characters are silly looking, especially their expressions and all they do is fight or battle. What is the appeal? I like cartoons. I… Read More »