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Sunday Linkage – Valentine’s Edition

See I told you I’d make a little graphic. I’ve done linkage posts on Mondays and Saturdays before but I like Sundays best. First of all is a news item I just have to share, so we can tell London, Ontario what a HORRIBLE idea this is. Sperminator Game to Teach Kids about Sex and… Read More »

Sunday Linkage

I’d like to go back to sharing links I’ve found with my readers. Every Sunday I’ll share what I’ve found. They don’t have to be blogs. They could be on a variety of topics. I’ll make a catchy graphic for next time. Exploring Science with Children @ PBS ParentsLots of helpful ideas on how to… Read More »

Saturday Linkage

As mentioned before, Monday Linkage has turned into Saturday Linkage. Blogs: Girl’s Guide to Business – for the working girl Scrapbooking Blog – from Wine Blog Website: Cat Boxing – who knew?

Monday Linkage

Since this is the last monday I’ll have internet access for, after this one, it will change to Saturday Linkage. Since I missed two weeks of Monday Linkage, Saturday Linkage will start this week so you have two sets of places to visit this week! Blogs: Ty’s Toy Box Blog – cartoons and toys Baruchito’s… Read More »

Monday Linkage

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been hard at work at my book review blog SMS Book Reviews and also reading for all my challenges. In honor of that, this week’s Monday Linkage links all have to do with books. Blogs: A Novel Challenge – looking for your next book challenge? Non-fiction Reader’s Anonymous… Read More »

Monday Linkage

Blogs: Problogger – great blogger tips for any blog platform Ann Kroeker – personal blog of a writer, mother and Christian with very interesting topics. Marley and Me Author Blog – John Grogan’s blog. Info and updates on his book, so don’t read unless you’ve read the book. If you haven’t read the book, read… Read More »

Monday Linkage… on Tuesday…again

Sorry everyone but I had a killer migraine yesterday. Still have some after effects now too. Blogs: Tips 4 Blogspot – Do you use Blogger/Blogspot to blog with? This blog has some tips. (Wow that was a lot of blog in one sentence LOL)Moms Speak Up – What are real moms saying about current news/happenings?… Read More »

Monday Linkage

Blogs: Three-Girl Circus… is the blog of a mom of a 3 year old, 2 year old and almost 1 year old girl. The girls are so beautiful! Unclutterer is for those trying to get their lives in order! Blaine’s Puzzle Blog is for puzzle lovers Website: The Baby Place had a blog too but… Read More »

Monday Linkage

Sorry it’s so late! Blogs: Like learning facts about nature? Read Nature Fact File. Need a laugh? Check out The JOKES Blog. Let’s Talk Babies. No really. Website: Need a list of items alphabetized? Use the Alphabetizer.

Monday Linkage

Three blogs: Looking for fun crafts and activities for your kids? Try Little Elephants. Are you a mom who wants to stay in the know about online stores, products and info you can use? Check out MomReviews! Freshome has some tips, gadgets and inspiration for your home! and a website: – looking for a… Read More »