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Blogtations 500th Party!

Blogtations is a great blog that features quotes from all different people on all different topics. Blogtations is having a party for it’s 500th quote. They are at 449 so it should be pretty soon! In honour of the party, they are having a giveaway! You can find the details here but basically you post… Read More »

Family Blog I Stumbled Upon

Just4Families is a blog written by a 50 year old father of four from Australia. The information, however, is great for families all over the world. Be sure to check it out!

Why I Haven’t Been Around

RIP Gordon B Papa to my children May 23, 1936 – October 12, 2007 My Father-in-Law passed away friday at 3:15pm in the hospital. He had been sick for a long time but everytime the doctor’s called saying he was’t doing well, he came back from the brink. We love him and miss him dearly.

The Family Unit

The newest issue of Reader’s Digest just came in the mail today. The article under “That’s Outrageous” got me thinking and I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. The title is The Family Unit: An Endangered Species?Let me quote a little so you know what it’s about: “Earlier this year the Ontario Court… Read More »

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my father, father-in-law and my husband! Seeing my husband hold my newly born babes was the best moment ever for me! Let me share! The Cuteness and Daddy OMG I can’t find the picture of Daddy and The Precious!