Build Critical Thinking & Inspire Conversations

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Would you like to Build Critical Thinking and Inspire Conversations with YOUR family? A company called Furious Think has this set of four booklets that will do just that.

Disclosure: I asked to be sent the books so I could try them out and let you know what I thought. The company was nice enough to send them over.

Furious Think Books to Build Critical Thinking & Inspire Conversations

Furious Think Books

The booklets are titled:

Each of these little books has around 100 questions or scenarios for you to read to your family (children included) and inspire critical thinking, creative thinking and interesting conversations.

You can view sample pages of the four books by clicking the links above.

Inspiring Amazing Conversations

Using these books started some really interesting conversations with my children (ages 7-15). The booklets suggest an age of 9+ but my 7 year old did okay with some explanations. In general though 9+. Even my 10 year old who never wants to participate in anything (“Do I HAVE to?”) finally got into it and had a lot of interesting things to say. You really get to know your children and other family members in this way. We played again with my parents and brother. It was interesting.

The first three books listed above are very similar. The last one gives you a story starter and asks you to think about what could have happened to cause that scenario. Also what could happen next. You or your child could totally take it as a writing prompt and actually write out a short story based on the scenario. Or you could just say your ideas out loud. Put your creative thinking skills to the test.

This would make a fun daily or weekly activity with your family. Some families do daily devotionals, you could do daily conversations. Or if you do it weekly, perhaps at Friday night dinners, or before family game night starts.

Check out the other products Furious Think has to offer and buy their books to start your own family conversation.

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