Sticky Inspirations

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Everyone can use sticky notes but I wanted to show you these Sticky Inspirations notes which would make great gifts. What makes them different?

Inspirational Sticky NotesDisclosure: I received some packs of sticky notes in exchange for this post.

Sticky Inspirations Sticky Notes

Each note in the sticky note pack has an inspirational quote on it. They are all packaged up like other sticky notes so you can leave a loved one (or yourself) a note for any need. The packs can be bought with a special yellow saying on them depending on what need or holiday you are gifting them for.

The one below says Inspirational Sticky Notes and would be good for everyday purchases but you can also find ones that say Happy Holidays or Happy Birthday which would be perfect for those holidays. Stick the Merry Christmas ones in a stocking – they fit perfectly!

Everyone can use inspirational quotes and what a nice way to see one, when you are just reaching for a notepad to make a quick note. Or hey, you can just put the sticky note itself on the wall, mirror or computer screen, just for the quote.

The packs are only $6.99 and the website offers free shipping in the US.  Get Yours Now!

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