Make a Colour-Coded Chore Chart

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You may have your back to school supplies bought already but if you have tweens or teens you may want to make another trip out to buy some coloured pens because you KNOW they love to doodle, or you could make a colour-coded chore chart (keep reading.)

My 12 year old is actually encouraged to have a doodle book and some pens with her in class to doodle while she learns!

BIC has some new coloured pens you’ll want to check out so you and your kids can Dream Bright. Live Colourfully.

What BIC Has to Say

The BIC® Gel-ocity® Quick Dry gel pen, available in 13 bold colours, offers a super smooth writing experience featuring fast drying ink, and the BIC® Cristal® Up ballpoint pen with eight vivid colours offers trendy designs that bring creativity to life.

Disclosure: We were sent product from BIC in exchange for this post. This post contains affiliate links. 

My older girls (tweens) went crazy over the pens and quickly snatched them up for themselves. I managed to keep a few for myself but they’ll probably swipe them later.

My girls like to doodle as do most of their classmates and these pens are great for that, especially the BIC® Cristal® Up pens. My girls said they moved smoothly over the paper and allowed them to seamlessly draw.

What to Do With Coloured Pens

There are lots of things your kids (or you) can do with coloured pens like these ones.

Make a Colour-Coded Chore Chart

Here’s an idea to get some chores done in your house by your tween or tween in an organized manner. Make a list with your pens of chores you want done and colour-code them by either:

  • amount of money you will pay for them (blue for $5, pink for $2, purple for $1 etc) OR
  • amount of electronics time they will earn for them (blue for 30 minutes, pink for 20 minutes, purple for 10 etc)

Then just put the list up on the fridge or bulletin board and they can complete a chore and write their name beside it to show who did it. Then later you can add them up and pay them or add them up and allow them electronics time. Easy as pie.

See our example below. We made a small legend at the top that shows the blue pen means 30 minutes of electronics time and so on. If you make it bigger they can write their name next to it. You can make it any way you want really.

How to Make a Colour-Coded Chore Chart

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