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Parental Control App

Undoubtedly, the internet is a great resource that has its benefits for people of every age and in this, kids are no exception. But, unfortunately, due to the dark side of the internet and the risks involved, many parents banish its access to the children and deprive them of these 10 major benefits of the internet!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Family Time.

10 Major Benefits of Internet for Children:

You should consider these benefits before deciding their access to the internet:

  1. It is an excellent way of communication. Immediate, fast and effective. Children can be connected with people who are in other countries or be in permanent contact with relatives who are far away.
  2. It is a direct door to knowledge. Children no longer have to wait for their parents to buy an encyclopedia or go to bookstores and libraries in search of the information they need. At the click of a button and for free they can learn and know about any topic, strange and strange as it may be.
  3. It can be used as a school support tool. On the Internet, children find exercises and games that allow them to work on the contents learned in school, be it in mathematics, English or knowledge of the medium.
  4. Improve academic results. Statistics show that children who use the Internet as a tool for school support and benefit from the resources that are in the network obtain better grades.
  5. It is an aid for children with a disability or learning problem. There are countless online games to improve the attention of hyperactive children or as a resource for children with special educational needs.
  6. Stimulates research and discovery. Children enter autonomously to find and discover the information they need.
  7. It is an entertainment tool. Playing in the park and going out to the street are still essential activities in the child’s life, but it is not good for them to spend time playing online. The well understood and controlled game can be positive, stimulating and didactic.
  8. Help to socialize more timid children. Through chats or hangouts you can make contact with other children from other cultures or places more easily.
  9. Develop technological skills. We cannot ignore that we live in the technological era and that our children will work with these or other tools. Familiarizing yourself with them is essential for your future.
  10. Children learn to learn. It is they who, through navigation, learn how to acquire new knowledge.

If you want your kids to enjoy all these benefits and avoid the risks, better use the tool to supervise their consumption. For this, you can take the assistance of the best parental control app named FamilyTime that helps parents in a variety of ways.


Using this app parents can:

  • Check the web history of kids
  • View the Bookmarks and favorites
  • Monitor the complete list of apps installed
  • Analyze the app usage frequency
  • Assign specific time for a game on a weekly or daily basis
  • Block harmful or questionable apps and games
  • Allocate weekly hours to kids for screen usage
  • Send alerts to kids when the screen time in their TimeBank is about to finish
  • Schedule auto screen locks on kids’ devices to manage screen time smartly
  • Remotely lock their phone to restrict device access

And much more. Want to get this app for free? Get it now from the app store on your phone.

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