Tide Celebrates Canadian Cold Weather Heroes #TideColdHero

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This has been a crazy cold winter here in Canada and while I chose to say inside most of it to avoid the cold for long, many people don’t have that luxury. Canadians with outdoor jobs such as a fisherman or search and rescue team or a crossing guard have to do their jobs every day, even when it’s 30 below. (colder than –22F for any American readers.)

As part of the #PGmom team I was asked if there was a Cold Weather Hero that I’d like to recognize in my neighbourhood with a special present from Tide and I said YES!

My Tide Cold Weather Hero

My Tide cold weather hero is our crossing guard for my children’s school. There is usually more than one working and I’m thankful to them all but this one guard has been there since before my girls started school, back when we just went to the PFLC playgroup in the school. Although we don’t cross at the crossing guard every day, I am very thankful for when we do cross there and for all those times she has helped other people cross. Numerous times I’ve seen her cross adults without kids or cross just one more person before she goes home. She recognizes you and asks how you are doing and wishes you well. I have NEVER seen her sad or upset, she always has a big smile for every student.


I’m so glad Tide started the Canadian Cold Weather Hero campaign to recognize those cold weather heroes because our crossing guard really deserved to be recognized all across Canada!

Here is what she got if you wanted to know! Now she can walk around in her orange scarf and announce to the world that she is a Cold Weather HERO while she sits a hot drink out of her to-go mug!


Tide travelled across Canada to meet some other cold Weather Heroes and document their stories of everyday heroism. You can view the videos at The Weather Network and meet another crossing guard as well as a zamboni driver, search and rescue team, fisherman and linesman.

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Thank You!


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