Adjusting to Transitions for Tweens #MonsterHighHaunted

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Let’s face it, life is full of change from the moment you are born. As your children get older, we as parents try to help them cope with change and get used to new situations. Depending on the age of your child, you have probably helped them adjust to all sorts of new situations, some of the big ones being starting school and possibly a club or group as well.

Adjusting to Transitions for Tweens

Transitional Tips


In a new setting it can feel like there are so many others around you that it may be hard to find individuals who have common interests or hobbies. The best advice you can give your child is to be themselves and remain positive that they will naturally make connections with others. If they pretend to be someone or something that they’re not, they may find it difficult to be happy in their new surroundings!


The first couple of days in a new setting can be both scary and difficult. It’s best to let your child know that it takes time to transition and feel comfortable, but the feeling will come. Informing them that they need to be patient will help them to calm down and relax if they are left feeling overwhelmed in their first few days.


The best way to get to know others and your environment is to get involved. Encouraging your child to be as engaged as they can be will give them the opportunity to develop their skills and meet likeminded individuals. Talk to them about ways that they go above and beyond and get involved with new friends.

Monster High: Haunted

Monster High has a new DVD out March 24 called Monster High Haunted which focuses on this theme. Monster High movies are a fun way for your children to learn friendship, self-esteem and other great qualities as well as tips for dealing with life’s many situations.

The story starts with weird haunting things happening in Monster High so the ghouls follow Spectra Vondergeist one day and end up in an alternate Ghost World with an all ghost school. The students there are not happy because of the super strict principal and the Monster High ghouls turn into ghosts to see what they can do to help.

Monster High Haunted


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