Empowering and Uplifting Music by Bob Sima #CRHGG14

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Empowering and Uplifting Music by Bob Sima

Uplifting Music

If you are looking for some uplifting music consider Bob Sima’s CDs. Bob Sima is The Transformational Troubadour and brings a new CD called putalittleoreloveintheworld aka Put a Little More Love in the World. I was sent a copy of the CD to enjoy.

The ground that Sima covers in this new album is wide-ranging. He offers genre-crossing songs that show beautiful musical diversity with hints of folk, rock, ethereal layers and Americana. The messages are firmly steeped in teachings that carry powerful messages of depth, transformation, insight and love.

I’m no musical genius so I can’t say whether that description above is correct or not but I do know the lyrics make you feel good. You have to listen with full attention though. If you put it on as background music, you will enjoy the tune but not appreciate the lyrics. This CD will be the one you take out when you are feeling a little down and need to feel empowered.

You can hear samples of all the songs for the new CD on the website (where you can also purchase the CD or the digital download if you prefer.)

If you are the only one to believe, then stand up and set it free
And put a little more, put a little more love in the world

If you’re standing brave and strong or just barely hanging on
Put a little more, put a little more love in the world
– lyrics to putalittlemoreloveintheworld

I find it hard to find uplifting music that is not religious so I appreciate that there is no religion in Bob Sima’s songs. There is nothing wrong with religious music of course but if that’s something you aren’t looking for than you will appreciate the spiritual feel without religion.

I’ve found that I enjoy the songs more the more often I listen to it.

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