Ding Dong Diaper Ditch Part 2 | Pampers Swaddlers #PGmom

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If you were on my blog in March you may have seen the first Ding Dong Diaper Ditch in which I left a baby package on a friend’s doorstep, rang the doorbell and ran.

For Round two, I was sent cases of Pampers Swaddlers to share however I wanted. I kept some for my baby to be but I donated so many more. Some I just handed to friends who had recently had babies or were due to have a baby soon.

Below is baby Brysen showing off his swaddlers. Brysen is about a week old. I also gifted some to another friend, to some ladies at my local PFLC playgroup and I gave my brother some to pass on to his friend who recently had a baby.

Brysen Love Pampers Swaddlers

The rest we took to Building Blocks for Better Babies (a local program for pregnant moms and moms of young babies.)

First I attached a little note to each to say where the donation was coming from.

Pampers Swaddlers Gift from Callista's Ramblings

Then since we walk to Building Blocks, my daughter pulled the cases with her wagon.

Delivery Pampers Swaddlers to BBBB

I couldn’t take photos inside because I would have had to get permission from each mom and mom-to-be but the sign outside tells you a little bit about what happens at Building Blocks for Better Babies.


The cases of diapers went quickly and everyone was so thankful. I was glad I could help out the other women who visit the center.

I look forward to using Pampers Swaddlers with my new baby when the time comes, they are perfect for newborns especially since they are so soft!

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