REVIEW: Daria’s Music CDs (Children’s Music)

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Daria, a folksinger travels the world making music with children and helping the communities she visits. You can find out more details about her life on her about Daria page.

She loves to empower children and so has adapted multi-cultural activities on her website for parents, teachers, homeschoolers and kids of all abilities. She has all kinds of fun activities on her website.

Daria also has some CDs you can purchase which compile her songs. I was sent Beautiful Rainbow World and Grandchildren’s Delight to try out.

Beautiful Rainbow World CD World Music for Children by Daria

Beautiful Rainbow World is a compilation of children’s world music and is a great way to introduce your child to the fact that people make music all around the world and that it often sounds different because they might have different instruments and different voices but all music is beautiful.

“This album presents songs from Caribbean, Australian, African, Latin American, Quechua, Native American, Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish and African-American traditions in the spirit of peace and harmony for all peoples of our planet.” – Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota) – We Are All Related

Song List

  1. Do the Limbo
  2. You Gotta Didg (Play the Didgeridoo)
  3. Kumbayah (South African Style)
  4. Beautiful Rainbow World
  5. Bate, Bate Chocolate/Ese Pollito
  6. Yaw, Yaw Puka Polleracha/We Are Rainbow People
  7. Uncle Joe
  8. Salaam, Shalom
  9. Tumbalaika
  10. Whole New World
  11. Down By the Riverside

You can see the lyrics for the songs and listen to a few of them free on the Beautiful Rainbow World page.

If your child watches lots of Dora, you may be familiar with Bate, Bate Chocolate!

Grandchildren's Delight CD by Daria

Grandchildren’s Delight is a compilation of well loved songs from the “good old days.” Let me know in the comments if you recognize all these songs by name or not!

Song List

  1. This Little Light of Mine
  2. Do Your Ears Hang Low…?
  3. Liza Jane
  4. Oh Susannah
  5. This Land is Your Land
  6. Grand Old Flag
  7. Akin Drum
  8. Playmate
  9. Jadda/Three Little Fishies
  10. You Are My Sunshine
  11. Angels Watching Over Me
  12. Down by the Riverside
  13. Over in the Meadow
  14. La Cucaracha
  15. Be Kind to Your Web Footed Friends

You can see the lyrics for the songs and listen to a few of them free on the Grandchildren’s Delight page.

She also sent me some posts and I really loved the one I show below. I donated it to our local playgroup to put up in the music center so it can be enjoyed by more than my children (you can purchase the poster for $10 as well.) The text at the bottom identifies all the instruments from around the world that are shown in the photos with name and country of origin.

A World of Music For Kids Poster - World Instruments

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