SIGNUPS: Votes 4 Blogs Cash Giveaway 7/16-7/23

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What It Is

This will be a daily picket fence vote giveaway. Other than daily votes, the only other entries will be like this post and tweet about this giveaway. There will be no mandatory so they could do one vote to enter but there will be a bonus entry to encourage them to vote for all (which they can also claim each day.) Participants can include the rafflecopter on their blog but it’s not required. I have held two past cash giveaways which were quite successful. One had over 40,000 entries.

Cost to Join

Each Vote link is $2. You can include more than one if you have more than one page but they are $2 each. If you aren’t a member of Picket Fence, it’s VERY easy to join. You can join and then sign up. ALL of the fee is for the prize.

Join Here

Signups are open until July 14, 2013. Send $2 USD for each vote link you want via paypal to Send as payment owed. No need to add anything in the comments.

To Join, Complete THIS FORM

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