Summer Fit Learning Series–Exercise for the Brain and Body While Away From School

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Studies show that children lose some of their school learning over the summer. That’s why the first few weeks back to school is review.  Also while some kids spend Summer outdoors getting lots of exercise, others spend it indoors sitting around watching TV and playing video games.

The Summer Fit Learning Series was founded by George Starks in 2010 after leading the Summer Bridge Activities workbook series for Rainbow Bridge Publishing for 10 years.

Summer Fit Learning Works the Brain and Body

Summer Fit Learning SeriesThe brain exercises such as reading, writing and math bridge what they have already learned in the grade they are leaving with what they will learn when they move up. So instead of it being a Grade 1 or Grade 2 workbook, you would see a Grade 1-2 workbook for students moving from Grade 1 to Grade 2.

The body exercises include fitness, nutrition and values. There is a wide variety of Aerobic, Strength and Play Exercises plus Core Values to learn.

How it Works or Inside the Book

The book is designed to be used every weekday starting right from when school lets out. After all the parental information and explanations, you will find a Progress Check where you can check off each week as it is finished and how you are doing with the fitness.

Then you will find the introduction to Week One. It tells you what brain knowledge you will cover (missing letters, counting coins, finish the pattern, vowel sounds, subtraction etc.). Then is the reminder to pick an activity from the aerobic, strength and play/sport activities this week and to warm up first with some ideas of how to do that. Finally we are introduced to the core value of the week with a little explanation of what it means.

Turn the page to find the Incentive Contract. A parent or guardian fills in an incentive for completing the weeks and signs it. There is a spot to check off that you did the mind and body sections for each day that week and a spot to write down three things you did this week to show your weekly value. Then Congratulations and the parent can sign.

For each day there is only two pages of work plus the fitness section so it’s not like your child is working for hours each day all summer long. It could be 5-20 minutes depending on how well your child remembers/knows the material. For fitness you choose from one of the three activities shown and pick a “level”. It’s set up so you do fitness as follows:

Day 1 – Aerobic (Green level is to do it for 10-30 seconds. Blue level is 31-60 seconds and Purple level is 61-90 seconds.)
Day 2 – Strength (Green is 3-10 reps, Blue is 11-19 reps, Purple is 20-29 reps)
Day 3 – Aerobic
Day 4 – Strength
Day 5 – no mind work, something on the core value (info, questions, book suggestions and other activities) and you do one of the sports.

Are you in Canada?

My only problem is that the pages that have you count coins, have you count American coins. But don’t worry! You can download the pages with Canadian coins from the website in the Canada section!


You can find Summer Fit Learning on Facebook and Twitter. Also the website has some extra resources like a summer reading list, other fun ideas and more.

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