Ask Callista–4/27– E-store, Hockey, Go To Dinner

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Ask Callista is my weekly feature where I answer reader questions. kathleengarber_thumb4

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The Questions

Clarinda @ A Jewel in the Making asks… What is the best way to integrate a store on your blog? What plug-ins would work for that? Any other information on setting up a store front on a blog would be great

You stumped me with this one. I wasn’t able to find a person who could recommend a certain way of doing it but here are some resources I found on my own.

The easiest way seems to be using Paypal where you display products however you want and put “add to cart” buttons underneath and it will take care of the rest. More Info on Paypal.

You mentioned plugins so I assume you have wordpress. I found the following plugins for stores which seem to be rated as the top two.

Get Shopped

I also came across Mal’s Ecommerce which isn’t a WP plugin but can also create a store front.

More Resources:
How To: Adding a Store to Your WordPress Blog
How to Add a Store To Your Blog

Hope that Helps!

Greta @ Greta’s Day asks… I know you’re from Canada. Do you like hockey? And if so, what’s your favorite team?

I am not a sport fan in general. I don’t dislike Hockey bHockeyut I don’t really watch it either. I have played it on PS3 before with my husband and his cousin but I wasn’t really good. The only part I don’t like is if it gets physical, I don’t think that’s funny or right in any sport.

Since I don’t really follow Hockey, I don’t know much about the teams but the one I played on the video game was always Edmonton Oilers. I suppose I should root for a team closer to home but I like their name and the colour of their jerseys.

Now you are probably asking this because you know Hockey is one of Canada’s Official Sports, but do you (or anyone else) know what the OTHER official sport is (without googling it!)???

Emily @ Nap Time is My Time asks… What is your “go to” meal for busy nights?Spaghetti

On busy nights, I almost always make Spaghetti. I try to always have pasta sauce, some kind of pasta (usually penne, rigatoni, rotini or cavatelli) and ground beef on hand. It often becomes our Tuesday night dinner every week as Tuesday is our Girl Guide night and is always rushed.

Another one is eggs and toast as we always have both on hand. Breakfast for dinner is fun!

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