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I was reading an article at Social Moms: PinaTwitBook? Where To Spend Your Social Media Efforts and it mentioned how Google+ isn’t being used much by bloggers yet with regards to traffic and interaction.

“One thing that was extremely interesting in the results of this survey was that even though Google+ was an option on every question, not one single person chose Google+ as a place to interact with their audience.”

I joined Google+ in July 2011 when I first heard about it from a blogging website. I was curious about what it was like and it was invite only back then so I got myself an invite and checked it out. I liked the simplicity of the design and lack of games but wasn’t sure what to put there. I didn’t know if I should just be posting what I post on facebook and twitter there or original content. I didn’t really use it.

In November 2011 I added a page for this blog because I heard that Google Friend Connect was going away for non-blogger blogs and since I had planned to move to wordpress (I still do) I wanted to start building my Google+ fan base. I haven’t built Google+ pages for my other blogs yet.

I try to check in to Google+ at least once a week but it takes some time to change your routine. Now with the addition of Pinterest, checking in there has been added to my list.

Now that when you +1 an article or blog post, you can add a note and post it to your Google+ profile, I can share interesting reads with my followers (circlers?) My problem is figuring out what to use my two profiles for (personal and blog.) Whereas my personal account on facebook is for family/friends only, I have no problem adding those I only know online to my Google+. When I recommend something I’m reading, it posts to my personal profile. My blog profile is updates about my blog exclusvely. That means if you are interested in what I think and like, you will want to follow my personal account as well as my blog account (if you like my blog.)

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So tell me, do you use Google+? If you are a blogger, do you put unique content or rehash what’s on your facebook and twitter? Do you see much interaction on it? If you are NOT a blogger, do you follow bloggers on Google+? Do you comment/+1? If not why not?

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