REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: KinderGlo NightLight

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Elephant Nightlight

My girls (ages 4 and 5) share a room upstairs. We’ve had a nightlight up there mostly because of the 4 year old and I was hoping to get rid of it as it ends up on all the time. When I heard about KinderGlo night lights, I knew I had to get one. It’s an LED rechargeable light that doesn’t get hot so your child can take it right into the bed.

It charges during the day and at night, she takes it up to bed with her. She can have it constantly changing colours or it can stay red, blue or green. By default is stays on for 30 minutes and then shuts off but you can set it to stay on all night long.

Lit Up Green

So the elephant my daughter chose comes in the mail and my 4 year old is ecstatic. So am I, no more night light right? Wrong. Now my 5 year old all of a sudden “needs” a nightlight. I think I know what I’ll get her for Christmas!

The charger is a little blue platform that plugs into any wall socket and will charge your nightlight. If you have it set to turn off after 30 minutes, one days charge will last a couple of days. My daughter has forgotten to bring it to me to charge a few days in a row and it’s still worked. However if you set it to be on all night, make sure you charge it during the day. An older child could be responsible for putting it on the charger in their own room but I have my charger downstairs as I figured they might play with the nightlight during the day and then it wouldn’t be charged. 

Want to Buy It?
KinderGlo has given me a coupon code for $5 off each item purchased. Just enter
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I am happy to say that KinderGlo has donated one nightlight of the winner’s choice to giveaway to a US/Canada reader.

You can see what you can choose from below. You can find out more about KinderGlo at their website.

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