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Available in DVD with Digital Copy or Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy starting Aug 2 (US/Can), Rio is the newest movie by the creators of Ice Age.

Run time: 1hr 35min
US Rating: G

Captured as a young bird from the wild, Blu (Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network) is a domesticated Spix Macaw living thousands of miles away from his homeland, Brazil. When his human owner Linda (Leslie Mann, 17 Again) discovers that he is the last male of his kind, they head south to Rio de Janeiro to meet the only other female. But it’s far from love at first sight between the socially-awkward, flight-challenged Blu and the fiercely independent, high-flying female, Jewel (Anne Hathaway, The Princess Diaries). Shortly after Blu’s arrival, the two rare birds are captured by greedy animal smugglers and find themselves lost in the Brazilian rainforest. Unexpectedly thrown together, they embark on a hilarious and clumsy adventure where they learn about friendship, love, courage and spreading one’s wings to fly.

The creators of ICE AGE bring audiences a whole new tropical adventure in RIO featuring the most colorful cast of characters south of the Equator, including George Lopez (Beverly Hills Chihuahua), Tracy Morgan (“30 Rock”), Jemaine Clement (Despicable Me), Rodrigo Santoro (Che), (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa), Jamie Foxx (Dreamgirls), Jane Lynch “Glee”), & Wanda Sykes(Over The Hedge).

My Review: I haven’t laughed this much at one movie in a long time! It was hilarious. I kept laughing and then going into coughing fits because I have a cough right now.

My family has a really hard time coming up with movies we all want to watch. My husband prefers Documentaries, Horror or Comedies that I consider “Stupid-Funny” and which I don’t like that much. I prefer Comedies in general but also Drama and Psychological Thrillers. Even when there is a movie in a genre we both generally like, we don’t both like the movie. Most movies I love, my husband hates. Ones he loves, I hate. We rarely watch movies together and it’s even rarer that we both enjoy it. Plus my children get scared very easily and so won’t watch most real movies (as opposed to Dora.) They found Beethoven too scary and the even Madeline: Lost in Paris. My older one has just recently been able to watch the Barbie movies without being scared. Every time I think I found a family movie with no scary parts, we end up stopping it because they are scared.

With Rio, the whole family was able to watch it. Even though there was a “scary” bird and some “scary” men they weren’t that bad and were around for short periods so my kids were able to watch the whole thing. Plus the funny parts were so funny, it made up for the slightly scary parts.

I loved RIO and am recommending it to everyone as a great family movie.

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