(Ontario) Guest Post: 5 Things to Do in Toronto Before You Die

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photo by Oceanik via PhotoRee

If you’re visiting Toronto and you fear that your life is likely to end soon, you need to make sure you go out with a bang. Visiting Toronto’s Textile Museum of Canada – as well-regarded as it is – is not the way you want to go out. Instead, you need to have fun. Push the limit. Party, make some bad decisions, etc.
Here’s how you go about it.

1. Laugh your tail off at the Second City Theatre. Comedy shows at Toronto’s Second City Theatre are a blast. The comics are professionals that rival the best you’ll find anywhere in North America. The proof? Mike Myers, Steve Carell, John Candy, Eugene Levy, and Stephen Colbert all came out of this comedy club. Go, laugh, rinse, wash, and repeat.

2. Publicly besmirch the great Wayne Gretzky at the Hockey Hall of Fame. If you’re looking for a fight on your last days on Earth, you’ll find one mocking one of hockey’s best ever. Of course, if you’re not looking for a fight – or if you’re a Gretzky fan and could never imagine mocking him – the Hockey Hall of Fame is still worth the trip. It’s a slice of Canada.

3. Lose track of time in the Distillery District. Toronto’s history is on display in the Distillery District, but that might not matter to you much if you grab a stool at the Mill Street Brewpub. Open for more than 100 years, it’s a great place to start a Distillery District bender.

4. Ride a roller coast at Toronto Island Park. You may be thinking to yourself “roller coaster? that’s kid stuff.” However, what’s more fun than acting like a kid again? People love that park – some even say it’s the best thing to do in all of Toronto (kids or no kids).

5. Take a Steam Whistle Brewery six-pack tour. Close to the iconic CN Tower, you’ll find the Steam Whistle Brewery. For $15, you can tour the place and get a six pack for your trouble. Oh yeah – and free samples too.

Please note that all the standard Toronto tourist attractions – like the CN Tower (one of the tallest in the world), the Royal Ontario Museum, and Kensington market – aren’t listed here because they’re not the sort of things you probably want to do on your last days on Earth. However, if you’re visiting Toronto for fun and your life expectancy is long, these are a good time too.

Author Jason Lancaster works with GTA real estate agent Denny Finelli, a Toronto real estate broker who writes all about the city on his Toronto real estate blog.

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