Lost Sock Memorial Day and Mother’s Day

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Today is Lost Sock Memorial Day.

I quote Holiday Insights:

“Lost Sock Memorial Day recognizes your drawer full of unmatched socks. Each unmatched sock represents a missing sock. We never throw away our unmatched socks. After all, it may show up someday. On Lost Sock Memorial Day, we suggest you spend a little time (as little as possible) searching for those missing socks.  After a (very) brief search, and in good “Memorial” spirit, spend a minute reflecting upon how warm and comforting the missing socks were on your stinky toes. Then, by all means, get on with your life. Today is also a good opportunity to toss out all of your unmatched socks”

Do you have a big box or drawer of unmatched socks?

Today is also Mother’s Day so Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

Here’s a collage of what I got from my kids:

Stripey mess of socks photo from Jek in the Box on Flickr
Mother’s Day Gifts photo from Me!

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