Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale

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Canada Dry Ginger Ale has a new flavour out! That’s right, Canada Dry is getting in on the Green Tea craze.
I’m sure we all know that Green Tea is good for us by now. But is Canada Dry Green Tea good TASTING? The verdict is in: It tastes good!

It’s great for when you have a sore throat but even if you don’t, it’s a refreshing changed from ordinary Ginger Ale. Now I will admit that I don’t normally drink Ginger Ale. As someone who doesn’t really like Ginger Ale, I wouldn’t drink this pop every day but then I don’t drink any pop every day. I think I’d pick up a can here and there while I’m out and about if I’m thirsty and in the mood for pop.

You can find out all the nitty gritty details such as calories and sugar content here. If you’re wondering, that’s the text only version. If you want to access Canada Dry’s flash website, go here.

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