WFMW: Toddler Keys

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It Works for Me!

The Cuteness is always coming over to my computer when I’m not on it and typing on the keyboard and clicking the mouse. She’s button happy! Unfortunately, toddlers don’t have to know what keys to hit to make something happen. She can shut down my computer, erase files, make new files, rearrange folders and more with just a few key strokes.

Thank goodness for Toddler Keys. It’s a free computer program you can download onto your computer and then activate when you are done using your computer. A black screen comes up and nothing will happen if your toddler taps the keys or moves/taps the mouse. She won’t be able to hit your power button or open up a disc drive. You can even put in pictures and sounds so when she does hit the keyboard, photos of her loved ones (or whatever) show up and sounds play. When she moves the mouse, she draws on the screen.

The only problem with the program is that all aspects of it don’t work on all computers. For example, my disc drives can still open with Toddler Keys running and I have a power button on my keyboard, that still works too so I have to deactivate the special program that makes it work. But it’s a lot better than nothing!

You can download it here.

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