WFMW: Brand-Loyal Edition

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It works for me!

I’m a generic kind of gal, most things work just as well when they are the generic brand but there are a few things I get certain brands for.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – I can’t STAND any other variety of Mac and Cheese. They are all so gross!

Miracle Whip – Okay so I HAVE had other Mayo’s but I MUCH prefer this kind. We don’t buy generic.

Campbell’s soup – when we buy canned soup it’s always Campbells. The only time we have a generic brand is when it comes from a food bank. Even then some kinds I just CANNOT stomach.

Kraft Sliced Cheese – I will eat other varieties but hubby won’t touch any other kind so this is the kind we buy.

Heinz Canned Pasta – Can’t stand any other brand. Ech!

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