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How to Make Science Fun and Interesting #StreamTeam

Science isn’t just a subject in school for kids, it’s how they learn about the way the world works, how our bodies work and how we do the things we do. Science is so broad I can’t imagine ANYONE not finding at least one part of Science fascinating. Plants and Animals? Science Technology? Science Engineering?… Read More »

Create Your Own Destiny Craft For Kids #StreamTeam

This create your own destiny craft is part of a Netflix #StreamTeam post as part of my ambassadorship. I encourage my children and the children in my Brownie group to dream big. I teach them that they can be whatever they want to be. My kids and I are always talking about the future. One… Read More »

Life Lessons About Friendship with My Little Pony #StreamTeam

My Little Pony teaches many life lessons about friendships and not just typical preschool lessons such as sharing, taking turns and hands off. If you aren’t familiar with the newest version of the show, Friendship is Magic let me give you a little background. Then go pop on Netflix and check it out! Twilight Sparkle… Read More »

August Brings Adventure Shows on Netflix #StreamTeam

Let the month of August be full of adventure before the kids go back to school. Netflix has a bunch of adventurous shows and movies for kids (see more suggestions below.) My older girls (ages 7 and 8) watched Tad: The Lost Explorer and we sat down and discussed their thoughts. *Spoiler Alert* My 7… Read More »

Netflix Canadiana #StreamTeam

Take a look at these shows below and tell me honestly, did you know they were CANADIAN shows? I knew about some of them but not all! As a proud Canadian that lives on a border city and therefore watches more American TV than Canadian, I think it’s important to make sure I watch some… Read More »

Watching Old Shows on Netflix #TBT #StreamTeam

We love our Netflix subscription because we have access to older shows and movies that I may have forgotten about because I haven’t seen them in so long or maybe I just never got around to watching them. In the last few months we have been showing our children some old favourites of ours. My… Read More »