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Link: The Longest….

Here’s a website for you. It’s called: The Longest List of the Longest Stuff at the Longest Domain Name at Long Last Ever wondered what the longest ______ was? Wonder no longer at this site.

What a Cruel Idea

I was looking at writing prompts the other day and came across this one: “Something happened overnight. The Internet has been destroyed. Your favorite Web sites are gone. You can’t check Email. You can’t blog.Finish the story” – link That’s not even funny! Don’t joke about that, you’ve got me scared! What a cruel idea!… Read More »

Family Blog I Stumbled Upon

Just4Families is a blog written by a 50 year old father of four from Australia. The information, however, is great for families all over the world. Be sure to check it out!

Happy New Year!

Okay so I’m a little late but Happy New Year everyone!

Writer’s Block

Ever since I got more serious with my book blog I just haven’t felt like posting much here. I have to think for hours before I can come up with something to say (how did I post every day before??) I haven’t done Saturday Linkage because I haven’t had time to browse the net to… Read More »

Hey Husbands!!!

This is an article you need to read. 6 Reasons Why Husbands Should Cook! To everyone else, if you’ve noticed I don’t post much on the weekends, it’s because I’m trying to keep up with my reading for all the book challenges I’ve signed up for on my book review blog. Hope you’re having a… Read More »

Gone for a week…

I’m off soon to run a Girl Guide camp for a week. I’ll be back friday so no blogging until friday or saturday. See you then!

Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Where I’ve Been: You may have noticed I haven’t posted lately. I’ve had a splitting migraine for two days straight and this is the first time I’ve been able to go on the computer. I’ve been catching up with email today so tomorrow I’ll get back to blogging. Where I’m Going: Sunday I’m leaving to… Read More »