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On The Go? Try a Kelloggs Breakfast or Snacks (GIVEAWAY)

Have a Kelloggs Breakfast or Snack when you are in a hurry or just looking for a healthier alternative! Kelloggs Canada has some newer products that are great for breakfast or snacks on the go.   As a Kellogger I was sent some products to try out. They came just before I had my fourth… Read More »

Creative Ideas for Hot Chocolate from Milk Unleashed

Tis the season for hot chocolate now that in many parts of the world (and definitely in Canada) it’s getting colder and colder. Who wants boring regular hot chocolate though when you can mix it up and create something new and tasty? Why not try a new type of hot chocolate throughout the season? Milk… Read More »

Snackbox Monthly Subscription Box (Giveaway) #giftguide

This Post is Part of the Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Snackbox is a monthly subscription box that sends you organic snacks each month to try out. I have heard lots about the monthly subscription trend but hadn’t tried one out until now. Snackbox sent me one box to try. I told them that I was… Read More »

Squoosh Fruit Puree Snack for Kids from Baby Gourmet #giftguide

This Post is Part of the Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Did you know Baby Gourmet also makes pureed snacks for toddlers and school aged children called Squoosh? Introducing Squoosh Squoosh is a fruit puree made of 100% organic fruits and vegetables and just one 3.2oz pouch counts as a full serving of fruits and vegetables!… Read More »

Make Mealtime at Your Get-Togethers Easy with Subway Catering

Whether you are running a meeting at the office, planning a birthday or holiday party, running a sporting event or just having a group of people over for any other reason, Subway Catering will make one aspect of planning a lot easier. Subway offers sandwich platters, meat and cheese trays, giant subs as well as… Read More »

Milk No Matter Where You Are | Shelf Safe Milk

I’ve talked about Shelf Safe Milk a few times before and today I want to introduce it again to those who aren’t familiar with it, and suggest other uses for it to those who have. Milk Unleashed Milk Unleashed is a campaign brought to you by Tetra Pak to bring attention to the concept of… Read More »

Cream of Wheat Introduces Cinnamon Swirl

Do you like Cream of Wheat? My mother used to make it but she only had it once in a while because it took so long to cook. Now there are instant packets that you just add hot water too and it’s ready in minutes! The newest flavour available is Cinnamon Swirl but there is… Read More »

June is Dairy Month

It’s Dairy Month! Every June, we celebrate dairy products such as milk and we should also take some time to learn more about milk. Milk Unleashed (which I posted about previously) is an educational campaign to introduce people to shelf safe milk. What better month to spread the word than Dairy Month? What is Shelf… Read More »

Inspired by TEDTalks #1–Teach Every Child About Food

TED Talks are short presentations on a variety of subjects. TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Learn More about TED Talks. Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution The first TED Talk I watched was by Jamie Oliver of the Food Revolution. I was already familiar with Jamie Oliver and his Food… Read More »

Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations: Simmer AND Steam

Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations Microwaveable meals like Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations are perfect for: When you need a quick but filling meal on a busy day. When you need to bring your own lunch but want something more than a sandwich or fast food. You want to try new meals or flavours but don’t want… Read More »