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Dizzy Pig BBQ Spices

At Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company, all year is BBQ season! Dizzy Pig seasonings are all natural and Gluten free with no MSG. They are packaged up at the Dizzy Pig BBQ/Grilling Store in Manassas, VA but they can ship their spices out which is how I got a chance to try some. They have shipped… Read More »

Turkey Cooking Safety for Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! For my American friends, you can remember this info for a month from now when it’s your turn. International friends, perhaps you cook Turkey for another holiday, you can use this too! (c) Flickr User Bridget Colla. Used under creative commons license You don’t want your happy celebration to be abruptly ended… Read More »

Steak and Eggs for Dinner – We #LoveCDNBeef

Confession: I used to never like steak. I ate ground beef and the occasional beef roast but I never liked steak. Turns out, it matters how it’s cooked. I’ve taught myself most of my cooking skills beyond the basics. I watch cooking shows and look at cookbooks and just experiment. I prefer to cook without… Read More »

G. Marquis Premium Wines from Niagara-on-the-Lake

I am a wine lover, somewhere between a novice and connoisseur.  A friend gave me a two day wine course where I learned more about wine and pairing. The more I drink it the better I like it. I would like to pay more attention to pairing. Right now it’s a matter of expense dryness… Read More »

Creative Cooking: Cook Without Recipes – Lasagna

I am a self taught cook mostly. I learned some basics from my mother and some more from my in laws when they were alive. The rest I taught myself. I’ve gotten better and better over the years, mostly from practicing, reading cookbooks and cooking how-to’s, watching videos online and the food network. Even when… Read More »

REVIEW: Fun Bites Bite Sized Fun Shapes

Do you cut your child’s food into little bite size pieces? Maybe it’s to make it easier to pick up, easier to chew, or maybe just for fun. Or perhaps you send your older child to school with a Bento lunch so you are making the food into fun shapes for that. What do you… Read More »

Get $10 off and Free Shipping at Sophia Grace Until Dec. 25 With This Code #deal

I wanted to make sure everyone saw this. Sophia Grace, one of my sponsors for Coupon Cabin’s 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz has offered a coupon code to anyone who would love order their own apron. Use the code “CallRamb” to get $10 off AND free shipping! But hurry, this code is only good till… Read More »

Carla Hall of Top Chef & CanolaInfo – Cooking Fish Together

I watch Food Network Shows all the time. One I enjoyed was Top Chef All Stars. Carla Hall, a finalist, was voted fan favourite. Carla has teamed up with CanolaInfo to bring you a video and recipe collection for fish dishes. They are designed for those who are unsure how to prepare fish. I don’t… Read More »

Budding Iron Chefs or Nutritionists?

My kids, especially my 5 year old, LOVE cooking. Not only do they fight over helping in the kitchen, they watch Food Network Shows with me. My 5 year old pays more attention to a cooking show than she does to some cartoons. She doesn’t just passively watch either, she asks questions about everything: What… Read More »

7 Delicious Ways to Prepare and Cook Frozen Carrots

Created Using Flickr Photo from User colorline If you don’t have time to make your own carrots but don’t want your frozen carrots to taste the same every time you make them, I have some ideas for you. These can be used with any type of frozen carrots (baby carrots, carrot slices, julienne carrots etc.)… Read More »