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How Hot Wheels Inspires Learning

Hot Wheels™ is a well known brand but just in case you aren’t familiar, it’s a race track toy where different sets can be put together to create the ultimate race track. Hot Wheels is fun but it’s more than that. It inspires learning too. How Hot Wheels Inspires Learning Be Creative Your child can… Read More »

Be Your Own Composer with Compose Yourself

Of all the new toys and games I see come across my sight, the Compose Yourself by Think Fun activity has got to be the best one so far. This toy/game will get lots of use at my house from my kids and even me. I plan to use it with my Girl Guide unit… Read More »

Fisher Price Farm, It Never Gets Old!

Did you play with a Fisher Price farm when you were a kid? I did! Now my kids are playing with the Fisher Price Animal Friends Farm – the new and improved edition. It’s a little different than when I was young but it’s close enough to the original to recognize it! Disclosure: I am… Read More »

My Little Pony Flip and Whirl Rainbow Dash #CRHGG14

Looking for a great toy for your My Little Pony lover? This My Little Pony Flip and Whirl Rainbow Dash toy from Hasbro takes just one AAA battery and will make sounds and flip on her own! Just put her in a seated pose to watch her do a back flip! It comes with a… Read More »

Barbie My Dreams: Express Your Style Contest

Reminiscing About Barbies My girls have style and I let them express it as best as they can. They’ve dressed themselves since they were 3 and while I don’t always agree with their choices, I try to bite my tongue. Who am I to critique their sense of fashion and style? I can readily admit… Read More »

Duracell and Hasbro Wants You to Power A Smile This Holiday Season (GIVEAWAY) #powersmiles #PGmom

There’s nothing more sad than a child opening a present on [Insert Your Holiday Here] morning that requires batteries and not being able to play with it because you forgot to buy batteries. Power a Smile That’s why Duracell and Hasbro have teamed up to remind you to “Power a Smile” by buying batteries for… Read More »

Fisher Price Favourites (Top 12) Plus Discount #FPFavourites

I have always been surrounded by Fisher Price toys. At home, at playgroup, at my friend’s houses, when I was a child, even in the church nursery where we run our Girl Guide unit. I have fond memories of many toys of my childhood and many of them were Fisher Price, although the older versions.… Read More »

Pampers Gifts to Grow (Redeem for You or a Charity) #pgmom

I started collecting Pampers Gifts to Grow points when I had my first child 7 years ago. I don’t usually buy Pampers for myself, only because our budget is tight and I most of the time had to settle for the store brand. However I often got gifts of diapers from family and they always… Read More »

Reverse charades, Reverse Charades Junior

I’m always on the lookout for new games to play during our monthly Games Nights or even with my immediate family. I love games. I love the game Charades but only if I play with people I know very well because I get shy acting in front of a large group of people or people… Read More »

Waterbabies are Back and They Have Dreams (Holiday Gift Guide 2012)

Did YOU Have a Waterbaby Growing Up? I did. I remember her fondly. Emily was her name I’m pretty sure (I had lots of babies.) I loved that she was heavy like a real baby and had soft skin. I loved filling her up and feeling warmth when I held her. I’m not sure what… Read More »